Longhorn TIES Program Elements

UT Austin students interested in receiving services through the Longhorn TIES (Transition, Inclusion, Empowerment, Success) initiative must identify as being a student on the autism spectrum or neurodiverse. They must also fill out the Longhorn TIES Qualtrics form to be contacted by the program administrator. Eligible students will have access to the following resources:

Pre-Planning Transition Meetings

Incoming UT Austin students will have an opportunity to meet with our team during new student orientation to learn more about Longhorn TIES. Students and families will be provided information about campus resources that may assist students who identify as being on the autism spectrum or neurodiverse. 

1:1 Coaching Meetings

Students who meet the eligibility requirements to receive support services through the Longhorn TIES initiative will meet with a staff member for bi-weekly coaching meetings. During coaching meetings, staff will work with students to support the development of skills and confidence in relation to self-advocacy (inside and outside the classroom) in the following ways: introducing students to UT Austin resources that may help them, assisting students with navigating new and challenging situations, helping them prioritize academic tasks as well as providing other skill development training.

Longhorn TIES will provide individualized coaching to students throughout their time at UT Austin (first year and beyond). The program administrator is also available to meet students enrolled in the initiative for drop-in coaching and support. 

Cross-Campus Collaborations:

Longhorn TIES serves as a resource and a referral network for students and staff across the UT Austin campus. We will work with students and campus partners to facilitate the connection to appropriate resources, make targeted referrals, and provide follow-up support services. Some of our campus partners include: Services for Students with Disabilities, Student Emergency Services, University Health Services, Counseling and Mental Health Center and Sanger Learning Center.

Seminar Presentations and Social Events:

The Longhorn TIES initiative provides opportunities for students to attend personal and professional skill development seminar presentations. Presentations will be focused on students needs and interests. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in monthly social events such as support group meetings and group outings.

Awareness and Inclusion Trainings:

Partnering with campus partners, Longhorn TIES will establish innovative programs and training that support diversity and inclusion through ongoing educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and student leaders. If you are interested in an organizational or department training, fill out this form.