New Student Orientation FAQ

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What can I expect at orientation?
The goal of orientation is to ensure incoming students are informed about academic and campus resources, understand how to get involved and connect with the campus community, and learn about information that can help with a successful transition to UT Austin.


Orientation Registration

Are all incoming students required to complete orientation?
Yes, orientation is required for undergraduate students. You will register for your classes during your orientation session. 

When can I register for an orientation session?
Registration for New Student Orientation 2024 will open in the spring.

You must be admitted and satisfy your enrollment deposit before you can register for a session. Visit MyStatus to accept your offer of admission and, if required, to satisfy the enrollment deposit.

How do I register for orientation if I’m an international student (non-U.S. citizen, non-permanent resident)?
If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident upon admission to UT Austin, you are classified as an international student.  You will need to complete the requirements listed below as a part of your orientation process. You will not be able to register for classes until you have completed these tasks:

If interested, attend the optional International Student Orientation. This is in addition to your required University orientation. Click here to learn more


Selecting Your Session/Date

Which orientation session should Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment (PACE) or UTeach ACCess students register for?  
If you are a PACE or UTeach ACCess student who is starting in the fall semester, you should attend a session in which your program is represented. A full list of which programs, colleges and schools attend each orientation session will be released in the spring.

Which orientation session should Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) participants register for? 
All students in the CAP program should sign up for a June/July session of Transfer Orientation. If you cannot attend a June/July session, you must attend the August Orientation.

Is there an orientation program for parents and families?
Yes, Family Orientation is separate from student orientation. Family orientation requires a separate registration process. You can find more information about Family Orientation at


Orientation and Tuition Payments

Is there a fee for New Student Orientation?
Yes. More information about costs and payments can be found here for incoming freshmen, and here for transfer students.

I have registered for orientation, but I haven’t received a confirmation email about my orientation session. What should I do?
You will receive a confirmation email when you register and pay for a session. Please check your spam folder if you believe you haven't received an email. If it’s not in your spam, add as a contact and then email us.

Students should also make sure the email they have on file with the University is one that they will have access to throughout the summer. This is the email that will be used for all orientation emails. Students can visit All My Addresses to update their email.

Do I have to pay my tuition during my orientation session?
No, you do not need to pay your tuition during orientation. You can visit Texas OneStop to review all tuition payment deadlines.


Session Changes and Attendance

Can I switch orientation sessions?
Switching orientation sessions is not recommended. Orientation space is limited, so it is important to try to attend the session you signed up for to participate in. If you need to change your session, you must do so before the registration close date. More information on this process can be found here for incoming freshmen and here for transfer.

What if I can’t attend any of the orientation sessions or my school/college indicates “full” on the registration page for June/July?
If you are admitted for the fall term and are unable to participate in any of the June/July sessions, there will be an August Orientation session held before classes begin. If all June/July orientation sessions are full for your college, you will automatically see the option to register for August Orientation within the registration portal. Please note: Registration for August Orientation will open for all students after the final June/July orientation session.

All colleges will be participating in the August Orientation session so you will be able to interact with your college, academic advisor, meet other new students, and register for classes during August Orientation, consistent with June/July sessions. August Orientation will take place August 14-16. 

While August Orientation will be hosted 100% virtually, students will have the opportunity to connect with campus and fellow Longhorns in-person at Longhorn Welcome.

Can I get on a waitlist for a session?
Sessions do not have waitlists. If the session you wish to participate in is full, you should register for a different session that you can attend. You can continue to check the orientation registration system to see if a space opens up in your desired session, but New Student Services cannot place you in a session that is full. Sessions must maintain caps in order to ensure that all students have quality time allotted during college and advising meetings in preparing to successfully register for their classes.

What if I miss or do not complete all requirements during my orientation session?
If you register for a June/July session, but fail to participate, you will need to go back into the orientation registration system and register for either a later session that is still available or August Orientation. Your payment for the June/July session will transfer to the August Session but will not be refunded. If you miss your June/July session and do not register for August Orientation, you will not be able to register for classes at your designated access time. You will need to contact New Student Services to make arrangements and discuss the steps you need to take to be able to register.


Preparing for Orientation

What can I do to prepare for my orientation session?
Please review the Pre-Orientation Checklist in the months leading up to New Student Orientation for detailed information about what you can do to ensure you’re ready for orientation and your first term at UT.

Freshman Pre-Orientation Checklist:
Transfer Student Pre-Orientation Checklist:

How do I request accommodations for orientation ?
If you have a disability and need accommodations for in-person or virtual orientation, you can find information about how to request accommodations at

Do I need to complete medical clearances, including immunizations, before orientation?
Both domestic and international students must satisfy all medical clearance requirements at least two weeks prior to your orientation session. These requirements need to be met so that you can register for classes.

Domestic students, click here to learn more about these requirements.

International students, click here to learn more about these requirements.

How do I submit my transcript?
You should submit your final, official high school transcript as soon as possible after your graduation.

If you attend a Texas public school, ask your school counselor to submit your final transcript electronically through Texas Records Exchange (TREx) which is a system managed by the Texas Education Agency and available to all public high schools in Texas. Another option is to have your school counselor submit your transcript electronically through Parchment (a partner of Naviance to some schools). Otherwise, an original, official document must be mailed to the Office of Admissions:

The University of Texas at Austin
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 8058
Austin, TX 78713-8058

Do I need to have my test scores (Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, etc.) with me at my academic advising appointment?
You should have any test scores sent to Testing Services, but it's also helpful to gather all test scores and have them with you for your advising appointment at orientation. If you don't have all your scores, it's not a problem. Students can still register for orientation if their test scores are pending. Additionally, your advisor can still work with you to plan out your course selections even if some of your scores are still pending.


Class Registration

Will I still be able to get the classes I want if I attend a later orientation session?
In some classes, seats will be reserved so that students in each orientation session have a chance to register for those classes. No matter which session you participate in, there will be classes you can register for that will fulfill your core requirements and keep you on track for graduation. You should expect to be flexible with class days and times. Being open about professors will also help you maximize your options for courses.

What do I do if I have a registration hold?
Any bars you have will be listed on your Registration Information Sheet.

  • If you have an advising hold, that will be cleared during orientation once you meet with your academic advisor.
  • If you have a health hold, that will be cleared once you have submitted your immunization documentation.
    Domestic students, click here to learn more about medical clearance requirements. 
    International students, click here to learn more about medical clearance requirements. 
  • If you have an international hold, that will be cleared once you have completed your International Briefing and Check-In session.
  • If you have a high school transcript hold, it will not prevent you from registering for classes.
  • If you have a financial hold, in most cases, financial holds may be paid in cash or by check at the cashier's office in Main Building room 8, or cleared online at the What I Owe page.
  • If you have a non-financial hold, you must resolve a non-financial hold with the administrative office that imposed it.

What if I miss a required program at orientation? Will I still be able to register for classes?
There are required programs throughout the duration of your orientation session that you must participate in and, if you miss them, you may not be able to register for classes. If you miss a required program, please contact New Student Services at immediately for further instructions.

After I have attended an orientation session, if necessary, when can I make changes to my class schedule?
You can only make changes to your schedule during the official add/drop period. You can check your Registration Information Sheet to see when you can add and drop classes. 

Can I change my major during my orientation session?
If you are concerned about your major choice, you will have time to discuss it with your advisor during your academic advising appointment.


Placement Testing

Do I need to take any placement tests at orientation? If so, how can I contact Student Testing Services for information about testing or policies?
Not everyone needs to take all of the placement tests that are offered at orientation—it often depends on a number of factors, including your major, what tests you have taken, and what kind of credits you have obtained from other colleges through transfer work or dual-credit. To find out which tests are most appropriate for you, either contact the Student Testing Services office or speak with your academic advisor during your orientation session.

You can reach Student Testing Services by calling 512-232-2662, via email at, or visit our office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Do I need to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment?
You can check your TSI status on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS). If you are exempt it will say "Exempt" or "Complete" on your RIS and there is no further action needed from you. If not, you will need to provide documentation of your exemption or present passing scores from the TSI Assessment before you can register for courses. For more information, email the TSI Office at

How do I register for tests at orientation?
There are two primary ways to register for orientation tests:

When you register in either of these manners, you will not be charged for the test until after you take it.

If you signed up for tests on the orientation registration site that you no longer need, you can cancel your reservation. If you are still able to access your orientation selections through the New Student Services orientation website, you are welcome to cancel your test registration through the “Making Changes to Your Reservation” link. If you no longer have access to the orientation system, you do not need to worry about trying to cancel your test registration. As long as you registered through the orientation website for our tests, you have not yet been charged any testing fees. Students are only charged for a test after they take it, so if you do not show up for the test for which you registered, you will not be charged for it.

When and how should I plan on paying for my orientation tests?
If you registered for a test through the orientation website or in person with Student Testing Services, you will be charged for any testing fees after you sit for the test. You will have up to two weeks to pay for these charges. There are three ways that you can pay:

  • Online through your What I Owe page
  • In-person at the Bursar’s Office located in the Main Building, Room 8
  • By mail to the Bursar’s Office, University of Texas at Austin, P.O. Box 7398, Austin, TX 78713-7398