About Longhorn TIES

Over the past few years, campus partners noted an increase in request for support services for students with complex needs such as autism. In 2019, the Vice President for Student Affairs recommended an initiative to increase support and awareness for individuals who identify with being on the autism spectrum. In October 2019, the Longhorn TIES (Transition, Illuminate, Empower, Success) initiative within New Student Services, was created as a way to foster environments that endorse student success and formulate pathways connecting students with the needed resources to enrich the overall student experience.


Longhorn TIES seeks to enhance the student experience for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum or neurodivergent through advocacy, connections and training starting with the new student orientation process and continuing throughout the student’s academic career.

Strategic Goals

Influenced by the strategic goals set forth by the Division of Student Affairs, New Student Services continues to focus on impacting the overall student experience. The strategic goals for this initiative addresses improving and impacting the student experience through advocacy, connections and training.


-Creating a culture that encourages and supports belonging for students on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent individuals.


-Partner with internal and external stakeholders to formulate a pathway where knowledge and information can be shared to impact the educational experience which will lead to student success.


-Establish innovative programs and initiatives that support ongoing education opportunities for students, faculty, staff and student leaders.

Student Experience:

-Generate an environment that promotes personal and professional development such as self-advocacy, academic, social and career training.

Longhorn TIES Additional Information

Contact Us

Ashley Richardson-Minnitt, LCSW-S - Autism Spectrum Education and Outreach Administrator Ashley.Richardson@austin.utexas.edu

Katharine Sucher, LMSW - Program Coordinator for Longhorn TIES ksucher@austin.utexas.edu

Alyssa Skinner - Longhorn TIES Program Coach alyssa.skinner@austin.utexas.edu