Family Orientation FAQ

For Spring Family Orientation-specific FAQs, click here.

Planning for Family Orientation

Will I be with my student during Family Orientation?
No, your student will be attending New Student Orientation. However, you will have the chance to reconnect with your student at the end of Family Orientation. Afterwards, you’ll send your Longhorn on their way to complete the rest of New Student Orientation.

What college/school program should I attend if my student has a double major, or I have more than one student?
If your student has a double major in separate colleges/schools, you are encouraged to attend the presentation by your student’s primary major. Or, if you have multiple attendees in your party, you may split up to attend different sessions.

My student was admitted to a certain college/school but wants to transfer to another. Can I attend the presentation of the college/school to which my student wants to transfer?
No, you must attend the college/school presentation of the college/school in which your student is currently enrolled.

Is there programming available for siblings or children who attend?
Siblings and children will attend the same programming as adults. We understand it may be necessary for younger children to accompany you; however, if you are able to attend without them, that is preferred as the programming will be structured to an adult audience.

How can I request accommodations if I have a disability?
New Student Services staff can assist. Please email us or call our office at 512-471-3304 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT) for more information. Requests must be received at least two weeks before the date of your orientation session.

Where can I park during orientation?
Parking for students and families attending on-campus orientation is serviced by UT Austin’s Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) department and is a separate fee from orientation registration. You will receive an email with detailed parking information closer to your orientation session.

Should I bring anything with me?
At check-in, you will receive a bag that will help when collecting handouts throughout the day. If you are a notetaker, we recommend you bring additional paper to write on. We also recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes as you will be traveling between buildings, bringing a sweater as it can get chilly inside campus buildings and a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated in the Texas summer heat. 


Registration and Sessions

Am I required to attend the same orientation session date as my student?
While we recommend that you attend the Family Orientation session that corresponds with your student’s orientation session, it is not required. If you attend a session date that differs from your student, you must make sure that your student’s college/school is presenting at the session you desire to attend.

I have completed the Family Orientation online registration process, but need to modify my registration. How can I update my registration?
If you need to change any information (date, # of guests, email address, etc.) after registering for family orientation, please reply to your registration confirmation email with updates on what needs to be adjusted. It is important to ensure your student’s college/school is presenting at your desired session. Please note, changing your Family Orientation session does not change your student's orientation date.

What if I miss or do not show up for my orientation session?
If you miss your registered Family Orientation session, your payment will not be refunded. You may request to attend a later Family Orientation session date by replying to your registration confirmation email with the session date to which you’d like to switch.