Placement Test FAQ

Do I need to take any placement tests at orientation? If so, how can I contact Student Testing Services for information about testing or policies?
Not everyone needs to take all of the placement tests that are offered at orientation—it often depends on a number of factors, including your major, what tests you have taken, and what kind of credits you have obtained from other colleges through transfer work or dual-credit. To find out which tests are most appropriate for you, either contact the Student Testing Services office or speak with your academic advisor during your orientation session.

How do I register for placement tests at orientation?
There are two primary ways to register for orientation tests:

  • Online using the Orientation Registration page
  • In-person with Student Testing Services during your orientation. More information will be shared via the New Student Orientatiaon schedule.

When you register in either of these manners, you will not be charged for the test until after you take it.

If you signed up for tests on the orientation registration site that you no longer need, you can cancel your reservation. If you are still able to access your orientation selections through the New Student Services orientation website, you are welcome to cancel your test registration through the “Making Changes to Your Reservation” link. If you no longer have access to the orientation system, you do not need to worry about trying to cancel your test registration. As long as you registered through the orientation website for our tests, you have not yet been charged any testing fees. Students are only charged for a test after they take it, so if you do not show up for the test for which you registered, you will not be charged for it.

When and how should I plan on paying for my placement tests at orientation?
If you registered for a test through the orientation website or in person with Student Testing Services, you will be charged for any testing fees after you sit for the test. You will have up to two weeks to pay for these charges. There are three ways that you can pay:

  • Online through your What I Owe page
  • In-person at the Bursar’s Office located in the Main Building, Room 8
  • By mail to the Bursar’s Office, University of Texas at Austin, P.O. Box 7398, Austin, TX 78713-7398
How do I register for placement tests outside of orientation?

If you need to take other placement tests, you may register online through Student Testing Services at Results from these exams are available within 24-48 hours, in time for students who may need to adjust their fall schedules based on their results to do so during the add/drop period.

Do I need to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment?
You can check your TSI status on your Registration Information Sheet (RIS). If you are exempt it will say "Exempt" or "Complete" on your RIS and there is no further action needed from you. If not, you will need to provide documentation of your exemption or present passing scores from the TSI Assessment before you can register for courses. For more information, email the TSI Office at

Do I need to take the UT Math Assessment?
College of Natural Sciences first-year freshman students, regardless of AP or IB high school credit, must take the UT Math Assessment (UTMA) before their orientation session. Some students in other colleges and schools also must take the UTMA, including students planning to take Calculus I (M408C/K/N/R/Q) that do not meet the exemption requirements for non-CNS students. Non-CNS students can wait until after discussing their course selection with an academic advisor at orientation to take the UTMA. You must purchase the online Math Readiness Package that will provide online learning modules and the proctored assessment.

The College of Natural Sciences, which oversees the assessment process for students in all colleges and schools, offers additional information, including exemption criteria and test registration details, on their UTMA website. If you have further questions, please email and be sure to provide your UT EID.

Do I need to take the UT Exam for M305G (Pre-Calculus) Credit?
If you do not plan to take a calculus course but still need a math credit to complete your degree, you may have the opportunity to take the UT Exam for M305G (Pre-Calculus) Credit. 

If your degree plan allows M 305G (a pre-calculus course), you have the option of testing out of the course with an eligible score on the UT Exam M305G (Pre-Calculus) Credit. The UT Exam for M 305G (Pre-Calculus) Credit is given on the UT Austin campus during regularly scheduled testing periods, including during summer orientation.

For more information and to register, visit the Student Testing Services website. Results from these exams are available within 24-48 hours, in time for students who may need to adjust their fall schedules based on their results to do so during the add/drop period


Do I need to take the Chemistry Assessment?
Many students registering for CH 301 will be required to complete the Chemistry assessment prior to the Fall semester. The assessment will not need to be completed until after orientation. It is important that you do not purchase a Chemistry Readiness Assessment until after you have attended orientation and discussed course selection with your academic advisor.


If you did not find the answer to your question, please email